Ingredient of the Week XXXIX : Popcorn

Ingredient of the Week XXXIX : Popcorn

Popcorn oh YES! Microwave and movie popcorn, not so much. Any idea what’s in it?

This blog is a comparison of stovetop popped vs. a microwaved popcorn.


Marketing lores may easily talk us into buying a product because it “appears” healthy.


This popcorn reveals “100% whole grain”, “naturally flavored”, “0g trans fats per serving” and “less fat, fewer calories”. Good stuff, right? Hmmm. It’s processed.


When you cut the bag open prior to popping…hmmm. The color and texture are scary.


Orville Redenbacher offers a 100% natural, whole grain product; a good source of fiber and protein too.


Simply pour 1/8 cup (2 Tbsp) of Olive Oil into a pot then add 1/2 cup unpopped popcorn. Place on high heat. Stir to cover all sides then place the lid onto the pot.


Kernels will pop start to finish in around 2 minutes. Just about the same amount of time to microwave a bag!

And the outcome is so different from color to flavor. One bag of microwave popcorn is 140 calories for 3.5 cups vs. 4 cups of Orville’s at 140 too. You decide?


Air-popped popcorn (no oil) is really the healthiest version as it remains low calorie due to zero fats used and no additives although…my favorite way adds the good unsaturated fats from the Olive Oil! Season as desired. What’s in your popcorn?


I include popcorn in weekly meal planning. Add on .5 -1 oz of nuts to make a more complete meal.





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