Ingredient of the Week XL: Ugli Fruit

Ingredient of the Week XL: Ugli Fruit

Although a bit late, this blog is in honor of Miss Jamaica, the most “Uniq” of all with her sassy, Halle Berry short hair style. Miss Jamaica was in the top ten and the only one with short hair! Ironically, Halle was also a beauty contestant.

I found this fruit at Whole Foods and it was labeled “Uniq”. It looked like a lime on viagra. Come to find out it is actually a cross between a tangerine, orange and a grapefruit. When green in color, it is quite tart and the smaller, the sweeter.


With it’s knobby, wrinkly outside package, you will be quite surprised to find it’s very easy to peel the thick rind and reveal juicy, bright segments.


This “Ugli” fruit is exotic and considered to be a gourmet tangelo. Once the rind turns a yellow-orange color it becomes a honey sweet citrus.

Use this for acid content in making dressings and marinades.  Try squeezing the juice over a fresh salad, or on seafood, pork and duck.  Add it into smoothies, or in a yogurt parfait. Include it in fruit cups and cold salads or simply use as a garnish.  Infuse water with this refreshing fruit to keep drinking water interesting.

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