Ingredient of the Week XVI: Spinach

Spinach is a cool season crop that carries lots of vital nutrients – some being Vitamin A, C and K! One cup of cooked spinach is over 5g of protein, is rich in iron and low calorie. It actually provides more vitamins and minerals when cooked due to how the body breaks down nutrients. Spinach […]

French Bean Salad

  Print French Bean Salad Author: Bert Serves: 4   A refreshing vegan salad for a meal starter or consider it an entree loaded with protein, fiber and a good amount of calories if you eat a few cups. Ingredients 1 15.5oz can Cannellini Beans; drained and rinsed 2 cups Green Beans; steamed or blanched; cut into […]

Fruit Slaw

Print Fruit Slaw Author: Bert Serves: 6 cups   Sweet just like Ambrosia, but healthier! A lovely holiday side dish or even dessert! Or just eat it for breakfast YUM! Ingredients 2 cups White Cabbage; shredded 1 Carrot; shredded 1 Apple; shredded 1 cup Pineapple; shredded 1 cup seedless Red Grapes; chopped (or try Rainer Cherries) 1 […]

Sexy Salad

“Wrap it up”!  Be creative.  Roll with tomatoes, olives and other vegetables. Print Sexy Salad Author: Bert   Ingredients Greens of some sort Cucumber; cut into strings Zucchini; thinly shaved Red Pepper; cut into strips Carrot; thinly shaved Pickled Beet Balls Chives Instructions Place greens on plate. Make cucumber strings with a mandolin. Place a handful […]

Four B Salad

Try this recipe if brussel sprouts and beets have yet to be on your favorite food list. Print Four B Salad Author: Bert Serves: 8   Ingredients 3 cups Brussel Sprouts 2 cups Broccoli, chopped; blanched or steamed 2 cups Beets, diced; boiled or roasted 1 pint fresh Blueberries; washed 1 cup toasted Walnuts; chopped Optional Dressings: […]