Vegetable Lasagna

My vegetable lasagna will embrace your tastebuds and leave you feeling content without that heavy stuffed sensation!  This meal is comforting and cozy for a cold winters night!  Pair it with a salad and maybe a crostini. The ingredients are simple: Rao’s all natural tomato sauce, yellow squash and zucchini ribbons (run through a mandolin), […]

Ingredient of the Week XXII: Chickpeas

Chickpeas are my FAVORITE food at the moment!  They are considered a legume, filled with protein, fiber and good carbs!  They are also known as “garbanzo beans”.  This food item is a meal all in one.  There are soOOO many different things you can do with chickpeas. Simply add them to a salad or into […]

Ingredient of the Week XXI: Blueberries

Blueberries are juicy and sweet!  They are a natural pigment antioxidant fruit.  Blueberries are the best eaten fresh.  Rinse them in cold water, pat dry and enjoy! Eat them like grapes.  Be sure to purchase them bright blue-purple and plump, rather than dark and shriveled with a mold appearance.  They do freeze well for future […]

My Spinach Burger

This meatless burger can be manipulated all kinds of ways, but this recipe hit a home run for me!  I made these three times in one week and found this combination of ingredients to be perfect.  See what you think… Start with a 12 ounce bag of frozen spinach and squeeze all of the water […]

A Nut Mix

I wrapped up this nut mix for Christmas gifts and the feedback was incredibly positive.  It is a staple snack meal in my household on a weekly basis.  Place a quarter cup serving in snack bags, then fill up a jar.  Pull out a bag and throw it in your lunch box, purse or pocket […]