Thanksgiving Goodness 2014

Cheers to the holiday season!  Family close by with love and friendships burning bright. My Thanksgiving table was for six with one on the way. Three proteins, a soup and eight sides – Stuffed pork loin with roasted potatoes, two turkey breasts woven with bacon and “bella wellington”. My stuffing was made of cranberries, onion, carrot, […]

Apple Spinach Pie

Several weeks back I took a family road trip an hour away to Carter’s Mountain and picked apples from the orchards.  We ended up with two large bags of the Golden Delicious variety.  Hmmm…what to do with all of these apples? We enjoyed the apples with fresh ground peanut butter, sliced them up into salads, […]

Ingredient of the Week XXXVIII: White Sweet Potato

White Sweet Potatoes are in season!  They are milder in flavor than the orange version otherwise known as Yams, yet the skins are more like a regular white potato.. Regardless of the color there are so many things to do with the sweet potato. Due to the natural sweetness of this potato, added sweetener is […]

Weekly ritual

Good Monday to you and yours!  The market was fabulous this weekend (as it usually is). These little quirky pumpkins are actually edible squash. They were a bit pricey so I opted for a photo instead. Getting into the routine of shopping, prepping and meal planning for the week can be challenging.  For me – […]

Garden update

The Ginter Place Gardens have brought me so much joy! From fresh produce to savory herbs and eye catching flowers our second year is nearing an end. I decided to “test” out a theory without research. Choosing my favorite heirloom tomato plant, leaving about 2 feet of stem and one leaf, I cut off the […]