Bert comes from a family of  talented artists, caterers, decorators, actors and musicians.

She has many passions herself, one of them being food.  Inviting, tasty and memorable food.  Food that is healthy, made from fresh, natural and local ingredients.

Bert enjoys creating recipes, showing you how to make them through her live cooking demonstrations and motivating you to go make them yourself.  CREATE. DEMONSTRATE. MOTIVATE.

Bert has a proven track record of success, in 28 years of experience helping individuals and companies better themselves through her Sales/Marketing/Health career, that began after gaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Aside from an artist, Bert is an ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  She enjoys being a “food artist” right out of her own home, entertaining many of her friends and family on occasion.  Her big dream goal is to have her own live cooking show, teaching people how to make healthy food and eat it in the right portion sizes!

Bert makes simply healthy flavorful food without sacrificing your favorites!